First Prize Travelhack Open 2014: Sidespor!

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Team Kultur- og Naturreise won Travelhack Open 2014 Norge with their service Sidespor. The aim with the service is to visualize the cultural and natural heritage that passes outside the window when you are traveling using public transportation. The service uses multiple data sources and is targeted towards especially the persona “Bjørn” och “Britt”.

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The other teams, Vitamin, GeoRuterWiki and Shared Ride shared the second place. Vitamin presented their service Rute that organize your traveling using public transportation. Shared Ride competed with the service Reisepartner that enables people to share trips expanding the capacity of the public transportation system.

Jury: Torbjørn Barslett Ruter, Prof Rich Ling, Telenor, Bent Flyen, NSB and Gunnar Lindberg TØI

More information: and (

8 teams presented ideas on Travelhack Pro, 4 teams participated in Travelhack Wisget and 4 teams battled in Travelhack Open

NSB awarded the winning team in Travelhack Open with mentorship with a value of NOK 40000 and NSB travel passes to a value of NOK 2500 for each an every participant in the team

Ruter Labs provided a test version of their new API. In addition Kartverket and NRI provided data sets that fueled the competition

Travelhack 2014 Norge want to thank all of involved in the two-day event: participants, jury, enablers, NSB for facilities food and drinks!

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