Travelhack Newsletter 7: Meetup @ Mesh on April 8

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Travelhack organized a meetup at Café Mesh on April 8. 30 participants listen to Tom Julsrud TØI, Torbjørn Barslett, Ruter, Bent Flyen, NSB and Anders Hjalmarsson Viktoria Swedish ICT. 

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Tom presented current trends in urban development together with insights about how and when a different user group uses IT when traveling. Tom used this as a basis to introduce the different personas in Travelhack 2014 Norge. Torbjørn described the history behind Ruter Labs and also revealed that the teams will be able to use a test version of the new public transportation API during the contest that Ruter Labs will launch in May/June.

Bent Flyen from NSB presented current trends in information provision during public transportation and also challenged the teams to utilize a 180 meter long real time information display in their development during the contest.

NSB also announced that each member in the winning team will receive a travel pass to a value of NOK 2500 in addition to the mentorship which is the grand prize of the contest. Anders Hjalmarsson concluded the meetup with a short brief about the contest design and progress. The presentations will be available on here on soon!

Travelhack Nyhetsbrev 7.pdf